Hypothermia aka Cold Shock


Things to remember about Hypothermia:

  • Rain, wind, elevation and terrain have a significant effect on the temperature. Dress for the current conditions but remember the forecast is for the urban areas, and the wilderness can be very different, even very close to town.
  • The amount of food or water you’ve eaten affects your body’s ability to maintain its temperature.
  • A person can become hypothermic in very mild temperatures, even just 1 or 2 degrees below room temperature. Wind and rain magnify the effects of colder air.


  • uncontrolled breathing
  • intense shivering
  • mental confusion
  • loss of coordination, slurred speech
  • apathy, lack of energy
  • cold and blue skin, stiff limbs
  • weak pulse
  • enlarged pupils






  • Always take the 10 essentials
  • stay dry, remove and replace wet clothes
  • stay hydrated and well fed, calories keep you warm
  • wear a hat
  • call for help early