South Fraser Search and Rescue calls upon its vehicles to transport searchers, supplies and equipment during search operations. Our mobility stretches from land to inland waters; we need to be able to operate in any situation that may arise.

South Fraser Command

The 36-foot Command trailer is the mobile field headquarters for the team’s operational tasks. The trailer offers GIS mapping, mobile internet, and planning, administration and communications capabilities, allowing the team to effectively manage search operations for as long as necessary.


The primary function of South Fraser 01 is to serve SSAR’s Command trailer. In addition to towing the Command trailer, Surrey01 also acts as a transport vehicle for searchers and gear.


South Fraser 02 is relied upon for towing our 25-foot Hurricane. The vehicle is equipped with rope rescue, water rescue and first aid equipment and is used for moving searchers and gear.


South Fraser 03 is equipped with a generator, portable lighting, and both rope rescue and water rescue equipment. South Fraser 03 is also capable of towing either our Jet Boat or our Hovercraft


Surrey04 tows the team’s main logistics trailer and is utilized to transport searchers and is equipped with a outboard motor and 10 foot boat, a generator, portable lighting, and more.

SF05 (RIB)

South Fraser 05 is capable of operating in various bodies of water. The 25-foot, 300hp T-top boat has towing capabilities and is equipped with radar, a thermal imaging camera (FLIR),  depth sounder, GPS, multiple mapping plotters, and 4 remote-operated search lights. It is used for searching and transporting searchers.

SF06 (Hover)

The Hovertechnics Hoverguard 1000 is used for searching and transporting searchers. The 300hp hovercraft is equipped with an 8″ mapping plotter with GPS, radar and remote search lights.

SF08 (Jet)

The SJX Jet Boat is powered by a Mercury jet engine and is capable of operating in relatively shallow areas.  The vessel is equipped with a mapping plotter and AIS.


South Fraser 07 is our primary Project Lifesaver response vehicle and acts as a backup for towing any of our trailers (including our command trailer) should the need arise.

Logistics Trailer

Our logistics trailer carries the team’s compliment of mountain bikes, has a washroom, 15kw generator, food and beverages for the SAR team enabling us to be completely self sufficient!